Monday, September 27, 2010

See I told you!

For those of you who read this post I just wanted you to know, that a few days ago, flush with confidence from my recent success from giving Sunflower a bath, I offered to watch Sunflower in the bath so my husband could go look at a waiting child on the computer.  As soon as he left, Sunflower wanted to get out.  I turned to get her towel and she climbed out on her own and went smack down on the floor, hitting the side of her face on the tub.  She was fine after a few minutes, but I am not.  I am back to my original stance--no way am I giving my babies baths.

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Adrian Roberta said...

LOL, you know kids can smell fear (-: But i'm with youon that one, Adrian was the designated Bather of the children when they we're little.