Our Family

Oak, Cedar, Huckleberry, SnapDragon, Sunflower and Sweet Pea

Here is Huckleberry.  He is our bright, deep thinking ten year old.  He is interested in science and math and loves to read.  While he rarely disobeys, he often doesn't even hear the command because of constantly day-dreaming like his mother.

Here is SnapDragon.  He is our compassionate, creative, and utterly contrary one.  He is always looking out for the comfort and rights of others and is the one to give out sweet, sincere compliments.  However, look out when he is tired or hungry! 

Here is Sunflower--our beautiful, energetic and insane two year old!  She is so independent and bright.  Everywhere she goes people are attracted to her lively personality.  We feel honored God chose us as her family.  She brings so much joy!

This page NEEDS updating.  Our Sweet Pea has been home almost two months.  Soon and very soon...