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Our Adoption Story Part 4a--While We Waited Year 1

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This post may be my longest post yet and for wordy me that's saying something.  However, it has been a really long wait!  We started the process in October of 2005--5 years, and we still do not have a child through adoption.  I guess I'll just write more than one post on this issue.

When we found an agency the wait for many families the last 6-12 months before us was 6 months.  However, even at our first meeting the wait was starting to grow.  Our agency's stock phrase was "people recently waited 6 months for a referral, but anything could happen." 

Referral Date         LID                  Length of Wait
2005-11-10       2005-03-31224 days
2005-10-032005-03-15202 days
2005-09-012005-02-26187 days
2005-07-292005-01-27183 days
2005-06-242004-12-20186 days
2005-05-252004-11-19187 days
2005-04-182004-10-19            181 days
182 days
I will use many such charts to explain our wait so keep in mind the top date is the most recent date going backwards towards the beginning.

Instead of processing one month of LID's a month, the CCAA started taking two months to go through one month of LID's.  We saw this and accepted it.  We spent the next 8 months getting all our paperwork done and sent to China.

Referral Date           LID            Length of Wait
2006-08-242005-07-22          398 days
378 days
2006-06-26        2005-06-28
363 days
345 days
325 days
301 days
278 days
257 days
252 days
238 days

While we paperchased the wait for waiting families went from about six months to a little over a year.  Our agency warned us it was now taking a year, but anything could happen.  We looked at the numbers and did our own math.  Taking a LID of 8/15/2006 and assuming the speed stayed at two months to go through one month with 13 months of referrals before us (2 x 13=26), we settled in to a 26 month or about 2 year, as we told people, wait.

Oak got a vasectomy so we could focus on our adoption and we started saving every penny towards said adoption.  Two years wasn't the ideal wait, but it gave us more time to save, and it gave me more time to get back to normal after SnapDragon's birth.

For the first year of waiting only our family and close friends knew.  After a year it became too difficult for overly honest me to demurely smile in answer to the question, "Are you done?"  "Well, husband got a vasectomy, so yeah, except...we have a child waiting in China for us.  No, we don't know who she is.  We are probably about two years from going to get her.  She might not even be born yet."

Yes, during that year wait the length between LID and referral stretched out even more.  We now only had 8 months of LID's in line before us, but it was taking about 3 month of referrals to go through one month.  3X8=24.  Are you seeing a pattern?  It doesn't matter when you met me in the adoption process, our answer has always been "we'll have our child in about 2 years."  If you met me this week (as many of you have) our answer is still the same.  

I think that's all for this post.  I'll leave you with one last chart that brings us up to 8/2/2007--one year after our documents were sent to China.

Referral date             LID            Length of Wait
2007-08-02        2005-11-21         619 days
596 days
576 days
545 days
530 days
497 days
476 days
462 days
448 days
431 days
409 days
398 day
Thanks for listening!

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