Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our Adoption Story Part 3--Why 5 Years Ago?

Our Adoption Story Part 1
Our Adoption Story Part 2--Why China?
Oak and I got married almost 14 years ago with full intention to adopt at some point.  When we felt God saying we were ready to start a family we prayed about adoption and felt the answer was not yet, so we got pregnant and had Huckleberry.  

When Huckleberry was 2 we started feeling ready for another one.  So we asked God if we were supposed to adopt our second child and still heard, No.  We got pregnant and miscarried at 11 weeks--the same week our car gave out and Oak's grandfather died.  God comfort was so present, I am still amazed by it.  We got pregnant 4 months later without praying about adoption.  I guess we just figured it was a continuation of the last no.  We had SnapDragon January of 2004.

In October '05, we thought we might be pregnant though we had not gotten the baby urge yet.  I was very excited about the thought of a third child, but I was really, really sad that realistically it meant we would probably never adopt.  We weren't pregnant, but we took it to mean God thought we were ready to start the adoption process.  We went to our agency's open house in November, had medicals in December, took training in January, finished our homestudy visits in February, had our completed homestudy by May, Documents to China by early August, and login date of 8/15/2006.

Don't ask why it took so long for my agency to complete the homestudy.  I'm sure there were real issues, but it seemed to me that they didn't have a sense of urgency.  While it bothered me a little at the time, I have real trouble with it now.  LID in China a week earlier could possibly mean a referral a month or 3 earlier!  However, I am confident we will be matched with the child God laid on my heart 20 years ago, so I guess I shouldn't complain about the journey.

Next part of the story will be on how we dealt with the 4 year and still growing wait, so stay tuned!
Part 3b--Leap of Faith 

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