Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Hague Training

I don't want to fail to document the process, but I am really bad at coming up with interesting titles to my posts.  I think that is because I rarely look at titles even when I am reading books that have chapter titles.  I recall one book the chapter title was the first part of the first sentence so every chapter I felt lost.  Anyway...

We spent today at our adoption agency's office receiving training for adoption.  Topics covered were trauma, loss, grief, race, medical, parenting, and more.  There were 4 other neat couples taking the training (at least I thought they were neat, I might have talked too much for them to like me).  However, we were the only ones taking it again after 5 years.  One couple is planning to adopt from China, one from the Philippines and two from Ethiopia.  I invited all of them to join the Christian Adoption Forum--We are Grafted InI don't know if they'll join, but I'm hoping so.  The more that join on the West Coast, the more people will post when I'm awake.  Those East Coast mamas seem to go to bed so early!

It was a good day.  I like thinking this adoption will actually happen.  Our family feels so incomplete.  We are very grateful for the three families that watched our children so we could go to this event and enjoy it.  Each of the kids seemed to have a good time.  Thank you!

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