Friday, September 10, 2010

Our Adoption Story Part 3b--Leap of Faith

I feel like I forgot an important part in the answer to Why 5 Years Ago? but I guess in retrospect it deserves its own post.  Part 3 seems to imply that going into adoption for us was "oh so easy", and in some ways it was.  We knew we wanted to adopt, and we still do.  We still believe we want another child and that because there are still children without families, we should adopt.  However...

we were afraid, and sometimes still are.  We had a couple thousand set aside for adoption, but our plan was to wait until we'd saved it all, or at least a good portion.   We don't believe we should go into consumer debt, and we got pregnant with Huckleberry after paying off our student loans with the idea of never again having debt.  However, we went to the agency we chose, and started filling out paperwork without knowing from where all the money would come, because we knew God was calling us to do it.  We figured, if God wants us to adopt, He must have a plan for the money.  And He did!  I never forget that God is my Jehovah Jireh!  Okay, I do forget, but it isn't a good idea, because when I do, He teaches me the lesson again.

Somehow in the next 8 months (our paperwork was Document To China 8/2006 and we haven't paid anything since then), we spent over $12,000 in fees to our agency, medical visits, shots, passports, translation fees, State Seal fees, US immigration fees, etc. without once carrying a balance on our credit card.  $2,000 came as a gift from family, other bits from tax return, but most of it was just there, and I still don't exactly know how mathematically or income wise.  I know God made $1 into $10 when it needed to be; there is no way I can view finances that year as anything but a miracle of my Almighty God!

Now we've had 4 extra years to save up, and 4 extra years of unexpected expenses.  We have some of the funds in savings from gifts from family, and with one or two more tax returns we will technically have all we'll need, especially if the American Adoption Credit stays the same as it is for 2010 and 2011.  It kind of makes me wonder what challenge God is planning to give us so that we remember that this adoption is His plan and not accomplished under our own efforts alone.
Continue on in our adoption story and hear about our wait.

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