Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Mamarazzi Post

I just have to share how adorable my little girl is.  She is so full of life and excitement about everything!  Her current greatest pleasure is changing clothes.  I confess it drives me a little batty at times, but I am optimistic that her ability to strip in 5 seconds flat will lead to a better potty training experience than I had with the boys.  

One of the biggest problems is she sometimes takes off her diaper and well, you can guess the complications that leads to, especially at nap or bed.  Sometimes we think she's fine when we peek at her because she's dressed and realize later she has her whole outfit back on, but no diaper.  If it takes her more than 5 minutes to fall asleep we can assume her clothing has been rearranged, so we go in to make sure her diaper is there.  I have heard the idea of putting on zippered, feet jammies on backwards because children find that hard to take off.  Last night my husband went in to check Sunflower after bed and came down to tell me that my plan worked.  She only had the jammies zipped half way down and was still dressed. 

"What plan?"
"You know, where you put the jammies on backwards."
"Umm, I didn't do that.  Did you?"
"No, you did."
"Not I!  It must have been Sunflower!"
She had taken her jammies of and put them back on backwards.  She was fussing because she got them to a point where she couldn't get them zipped all the way up!  Well, Oak zipped them up, and I got to get Sunflower up after my shower with full assurances she would still be dressed and her bed dry! 

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