Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cedar's New Blog

Okay, I am now completely insane.  I decided that since I have a full 11 readers now I should expand and create another blog.  
It is Cedar's Photography Blog--yes, I have expanded into more creativity with naming things, also.  

Here is the real problem I am trying to solve.  According to The Life Cycle of the China Adoption Blog my blog should not morph into a photo blog until I am actually home from China.  However, that is a long way away...probably.  In the meantime I really want to prove (to myself) that our camera splurge was not a waste.  I do not want to dilute this blog with hundreds and hundreds of useless photos while improving my photo skills.  So...

I have created a new blog to dilute.  I will still use photos here, but only as they pertain to the story I am trying to tell and to document our life.  Over there I can explore and participate in photo challenges.  I did my first challenge today.  I don't really expect to win any challenges, but I like the idea of participating so I can learn from others and get ideas to try.  I seriously can only take so many pictures of Sunflower as cute as she is.

So feel free to visit me over there or not.  However, if you do, I think I'll count you as two readers--one here and one there.  Super exciting to my inflated and easily deceived ego!


Adrian Roberta said...

LOL! What is it with IA mommy's and their fancy cameras?! I may just have to join in......

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

going to check it out!


a Tonggu Momma said...

Heh. You always were a rule breaker. :)