Thursday, March 24, 2011

I am not a Geek!

My husband is very patient especially with my dad with whom I confess I have trouble being patient.  Oh, I get along with my dad just fine, but Oak actually sounds sincerely interested and seems to have no trouble helping him with head lights, bills, and other projects.  Oak is also very helpful around the house and spends a lot of time taking care of the kids and giving me breaks and "me time." 

For these reasons, it really doesn't feel like it is too much to let him indulge in some StarCraft (computer game for those non-nerds married to male non-nerds) time.   Sometimes the boys even play StarCraft with their dad which sometimes actually gives me the "me time."

Sure, it is annoying when both boys play and Captain Awesome and Oak and my bedroom starts to look like a war zone and there isn't a computer left in the house for me to use (not for StarCraft, but my blog, of course.)

Or when I come home from Bible Study and Oak and Captain Awesome are using both my desk top for play and my husband's laptop to install StarCraft II (Captain Awesome comes with his own laptop).

Does it matter that they are trying to install StarCraft II on his laptop so in the future I can use the desk top while they play (currently StarCraft II only plays on the desktop).  Yes, they say it is for my benefit since I cannot work on my photos if I don't have the desk top.  Sure that sounds kind and loving, but is it?  Is it?

You know, I think it is.  I have lots of hobbies my husband supports and encourages even when he doesn't understand why I like it so much.  It really isn't too much to reciprocate the favor.  

It isn't like he took the boys out after midnight to wait in line to buy StarCraft II the day it came out.   Captain Awesome bought it as a gift so it didn't even have to come out of one of my budget categories which you know matters to me!

So thanks, Captain Awesome, and we are glad you are around to indulge my husband's hobby (and to support my hobby by reading my blog(s)).

Though I imagine I will come home tonight from water aerobics to no computer available for use...sigh.


Serline said...

I'm so envious. Wish I could get more me-time, and my hubby and my two teenagers chip in now and then, but Narelle is so attached to me... have a blessed weekend!

Anonymous said...

One of these days we'll just have to convince you that trying out Starcraft would be a good idea!

OH... and Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Gang of Four, Port-o-rico, etc does kinda start to put you in the Geek category... :-)