Friday, March 18, 2011

In My Happy Place

I just want everyone to know I am happy.

Saturday/Sunday Aunt J. is taking the kids so Oak and I can go away with some friends for food, games, and sleeping in.

April 2nd I am going to a MOPS Leadership Summit with some of my favorite people while Oak takes the kids to the Regional Science Fair--Huckleberry is entering again this year.  Feel a little bad about missing it, but maybe he won't win this time.  Then I won't feel like such a bad mama...wait, that isn't right.

At the end of April I get to go with some of my same favorite people and a few more ladies to an all weekend Christian Women's Conference.

My closest friend and I are once again doing deep water aerobics together and finally enjoying a passion for the same hobby--photography--which is really fun for me (and I hope for her).

I have been having a ton of fun learning more about photography and meeting new friends through "my other blog."  I don't feel as close to them as you eleven, but it is fun to get lots of comments when you enter a link party.

But most of all, I really feel like this is a time of growth and renewal with my Lord as I wait on Him and strive to serve Him with a pure and faithful heart.  Even after 31 years there is so much to learn and it just gets better and better.

Oh, and for L--these are Mickey Mouse dishes:
We bought them on-line at the Disney Store.  The bowl is too shallow for cereal, but otherwise we love them--just not as much as Sunflower or our camera.  xoxo

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