Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have decided...

on names.  They aren't terribly creative or unique, but they'll work, and it is less than nine months since I started this project, so hey, just rejoice with me.  I am going with a Botanical theme.  It doesn't seem terribly unique, but none of the blogs I currently read use this theme.  I have banned myself from reading new blogs in order to revel in my own cleverness for a short time.  Once I have some posts under my belt maybe I'll be open to reading other blogs that copy my theme.

So here are the names:  My husband will be Oak.  He asked me if that meant he was going to break in a big storm since Oaks don't bend like Willow Trees, but I chose it for his steadfastness and strength.  I decided on Cedar for me.  I was thinking about using my own name, but I kind of liked the idea of changing my name.  Cedar was on the list of boys names, but I thought it sounded "girly."  The only other tree name I came up with was Willow, and I didn't want people to think I was weepy a lot.

As far as the kids go, I was going to go with flower names.   Yes, I know trees don't marry and produce flowers, but this is an adoption blog, people, in case you didn't know.  However, I couldn't find flower names for all the kids, so I'm telling my readers (that's only me so far!) that I have a Botanical theme. My oldest boy, age 10, is going to go by the name, Huckleberry.   There is no particular reason for this name--he is nothing like Huck Finn in the book--I just like the sound of it.  My currently middle child, boy, age 6, is going by Snapdragon.  Yes, this name does fit him, though he is also full of compassion and kindness.  My daughter, age 2, is going by Sunflower.  Really I think every two year old girl could go by the name Sunflower.  This leaves Sweet Pea for our as of yet unidentified daughter from China.  There is still a chance that our child from China will be a boy, but after 5 years of praying for our daughter if God does give us a son, he'll just have to go by the name Sweet Pea.

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Jessy said...

Nothing wrong with Sweat Pea for a worked for Popeye's little one! =}