Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bike Ride

Almost 6 years ago we took this picture to submit with our adoption paperwork (dossier for those in the know.)
We needed to have a picture of us doing something we enjoy doing together as a family.  Yesterday I was not carrying the tripod...
All I could think as we were walking was this would have been even better with Sweet Pea on my back in the Ergo...or Oak's back.  Supposedly she weighs a lot.

Today, so far, has been a better day.  Thank you for the encouraging words.  They do help.  I could have used some this morning when SnapDragon was late to school because I went the wrong way on the way.  I went the route needed for my McDonald's playdate later and not school which cost us 10 minutes.  Really we need May to come!  I cannot continue to operate on half a brain.


No Greater Love said...

Oh...I love these pictures. :) So beautiful.

That is funny you say you are working with half a brain, I just came back from the library where I got a ton of books about the brain, because my memory is getting sooooo bad. :) I'll let you know if I learn anything good. My pastor just told me about something called Luminosity....they are brain games, I guess. :)

Anyway.....may the countdown begin until May 2nd. :) I am impatient for you!!!!!

Andrea Dawn said...

What gorgeous photos, Cedar. Praying the time passes quickly as you wait for your big day.

Tera said...

Amazing to see how much your family has grown while waiting for your baby!