Sunday, March 11, 2012

Everyone Should Have a Shower

I am so very, very blessed.  Not only have I met some great people on-line, but my real life friends and family are awesome, too!  Yesterday my friends had a shower for Sweet Pea and I, and it was fantastic!  I felt so showered with love (and gifts) and I just know our baby will have a warm welcome here.  

I've always known that people were happy for us and looking forward to our adoption working out, but you hear so many sad stories about people thinking of adoption as less or not even acknowledging you've added to your family, that it just makes my friends' and families' excitement and joy all that more special.  And when I answered a question with "we do know the answer to that, but it is part of her story so we are keeping it for her to share or not to share..." they all nodded sagely in agreement.  It might be my imagination, but I feel at that moment they all just "got it" a little more. Now their own protective instincts toward our child are a little higher because they put our child's well-being before their own natural curiosity with love and grace.  I am not surprised by that response, but I am so very pleased and it touches me greatly.  Sweet Pea is loved so very much...and not just by the 5 people who live in my home.

We ate, played a few games, ate, prayed, ate, opened presents and almost the whole time talked about Sweet Pea, the last few steps until we get her, and how our travel in China is expected to work.  I loved answering the questions (and maybe a little bit loved being the center of attention) but mostly just loved being with my friends, smiling, and happy as a group.  It is something I will treasure forever...and the presents were fun, too!

One of my friends whom is also really into photography took pictures so I could just enjoy...though now I'm thinking she wasn't in a single one!  That's not maybe at some point when I have a chance I'll share some, but no time now!  It was wonderful that she did this for me as pictures are so important to me...and finally a shower where I'm not 9 months pregnant in the pictures!  (Though my weight is bleh still...)

Then after the shower a few of us stayed on until our husbands and families showed up for our evening HFG (Home Fellowship Group; basically small group, cell group, mini-church, life group, etc.)  We only started the group about a month ago, but it is the perfect fit for our family and I LOVE the other families in the group.  So very thankful for my friend for starting the group, hosting it, and including us.  

I went home with my heart full.  Now we have a full day of celebrating Huckleberry's birthday and getting ready to leave for China in 16-18 long as we get our TA in 2-14 days!


Andrea Dawn said...

Wonderful the support you have, Cedar. Love hearing the updates.

Sarah said...

How wonderful! I'm glad that you have had such incredible support!

No Greater Love said...

Cedar (oops..almost didn't write Cedar there) where are the pictures????????? :o) I want to see you opening presents. :o)

I am soooooo glad you had such a wonderful shower. It sounds like you have incredible friends. You are very blessed to be so supported!!!!!