Friday, March 9, 2012

No Colorado...Probably

One thing I've been doing to try to deal with the uncertainty around when we'll be leaving is plan things for April just in case we don't go until May.  My husband has been all for some of them...a trip to Mt. Rainier for the day, joining my photography group's beach trip, reading every single Wheel of Time books, but he did balk at one idea.

I thought one of my readers would enjoy the conversation.

"Okay, so if we don't leave until May, what weekend should I go to Colorado?"

"What?  I wasn't serious about you doing that!"

"Why not?  I thought you were!"

"I don't think it'll be a good idea to spend 600 dollars right before we leave for China."

"But the plane ticket is only $180!"  (Personally since I know of families who supposedly remodeled their entire home or bought new cars to deal with the wait even $600 seems he's getting off cheap.)

"Well, you can't go stay with some random person you met on the internet.  You'd have to get a hotel!"

"Oh, no.  I'd stay with them!"

"You can't expect them to FEED you the entire time.  You'd need to buy food at restaurants!"

"But the whole REASON to go is to eat her good cooking!"

"Well, if she's that good of a cook, then I should go."

"She wants me to talk photography with her!  You can't do that!"

"Your biggest complaint about me going to visit a married women is I cannot show her how to take pictures?"

"Well, she is happily a cop!"

So it is unlikely I'll be traveling to Colorado in April.  Our agency so far has a group set up for travel March 28-April 12.  I really, really want to be a part of that group.  Our TA needs to come quickly for us to make the group.  The US consulate has to have appointments still available for us at that point.  Here is where I'm leaving it in God's hands...because HE can move the hands of governments and agencies.  He can get us to China in March...and God, I really pray you do!

However, the desire to visit my friend is real.  The feeling that I could stay with her, but am willing to get a hotel, is solid.  But maybe we should have a few more conversations and maybe at least one phone call first!  I never thought you could make friends on the internet, but I am so glad I was wrong.


No Greater Love said...

Oh should come. March 24th we have to go to an adoption fact, as I write this to you right now I am in a Denver hotel, because we are going to our first adoption class tomorrow.....but the second class (on the 24th) is only until you could fly in and I'd already be in Denver to pick you up. :)

And yes....Mike is a safe is that. :) I couldn't be a nut.

Oh my we were driving into Denver and the sun was setting behind the mountains....I was KICKING myself for not bringing my camera. I totally debated it..but then thought, "What will I take a picture of at an adoption class..." So, I left it at home. :( might not like Ruthie very much....

:o) So glad I brought my junky laptop to Denver, otherwise I wouldn't have seen your post until tomorrow night. :)

Oh...and I will still pray you get your March travel date....even though I would be said you wouldn't come. :) Sometimes I'm not selfish. Sometimes.

No Greater Love said...

sad...not said.