Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still Waiting...

I've felt pretty peaceful this last week...when the travel approval comes, it will come.  Then God will work out all the details.  Now a new friend whose pick-up was the same as ours has received her travel invitation.  Probably that means ours is on its way...soon...soon...BREATH!

I don't know if our agency will be able to add us to the March 28th group.  It still seems impossible but I can't help pray it will all work out.  Their next suggestion is May 2nd.  So the latest we'll leave is May 2nd.  I'd rather leave sooner, much sooner. Until we have TA we just can't know when.

So TA please come...though maybe knowing it is probably on its way but not when we are leaving will make tonight tax night.  Yes, that is a good motivator.  After all filing taxes jet-lagged is definitely a really bad plan.  And taxes is the only tier one to do list item left.  We did after all scrub the top/sides/under the fridge a few weeks ago.

On an unrelated note and just because it makes me laugh...

The other day when Sunflower was growling (yes, she is a 3 year old girl, not a dog, but she growls...) SnapDragon told her, "Sunflower, you are a little aggressive."

"I am NOT LITTLE!" She shouted back.  

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No Greater Love said...

Oh....I want you to go March 28th sooooo bad.

Although....if you do come here, my fridge could use a good scubbing, too.

I think what SnapDragon said to Sunflower was so funny. I don't think I could have kept a straight face if I was there.

Did your agency tell you the latest date you can get your TA and still go on March 28th?