Sunday, March 18, 2012

Clothes Grow?

Sunflower is growing up so fast but apparently there is still a few things she hasn't quite figured out.  

Today she brought down a pair of her socks and said they were too big for her.

I told her to put them back in her drawer and she could wear them when they fit her.

She said, "they won't grow any littler!  And they won't grow bigger!"

Ummm, no, sweetheart, but you will grow bigger.

I am guessing her answer had something to do with the conversation Oak had with her the other day when he handed her one of her doll's outfits and she said:

"I think my doll outgrew this one."

He apparently had a hard time stopping her from throwing it away.  (I wasn't home because I was away at our church's amazing women's was oh so very good.)

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No Greater Love said...

Are you going to post about the retreat? I want to hear about how it went!!! I thought about you a ton, wondering what you were doing, and how it went.

That is cute that Sunflower wanted to throw it kids have such a hard time getting rid of ANYTHING...even little scraps of paper. Sunflower just wants to get rid of lots of stuff...socks...doll clothes...she's my kind of girl. :)