Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunflower Games

I was going to post this sooner, but I was on the phone for 2 first internet friend play date.  Not quite the same as visiting Colorado, but nice, very nice.

Anyway, it is Spring break here, so Sunflower is very glad to have her two brothers home all day.  Right now they are outside playing in the sunshine.  

When Sunflower is not outside she has a few new games she likes to play.  One I love, but the boys don't.  It is called "Let's clean up!"

She comes into a room and says, "this room is a diiiiiisaaaaaaster!  Clean up!"  Then she cleans it up.  Yesterday she cleared off the table and set it for dinner before 4 p.m.  It was great!  The boys don't like it because I make them play it with her.

The other game is where she sings or dances for us.  I like the performance but when it is over she shouts "Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!!!!!!"  Since her "l" sounds a lot more like an "r" I have to cringe at each word.  

A few weeks ago she got kicked out of Sunday school.  They thought she was shouting the word for a female dog and couldn't get her to stop.  It turns out she was trying to say "bench" and really wanted them to know it.  I told them I would not take responsibility for that word but I could not take the same moral high ground if she plays this new game at church.
Look at that face.  You wouldn't think she'd have such a foul mouth already.  I'd better go outside and enjoy the sun with my kids.  (We leave a month from today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


No Greater Love said...

That is a riot!!! And seriously, she has the CUTEST face ever. :)

One time when Caleb was 4 we were in Walmart, and we were in the card section, trying to pick out a birthday card. Well, he already knew how to read, and was just reading the cards out loud to himself, and he found one that had that same word that got Sunflower kicked out of Sunday school. Caleb just sounded it out, and said it...really loud. I was SO EMBARRASSED. :) But it's fun telling the story now.

ONE MORE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!! And tomorrow it will be LESS THAN A MONTH!!!! Wooohooo!

Stephanie said...

Oh, goodness! She is precious!!