Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two Weeks!

We leave for China two weeks from today!  Yesterday we got our in country travel packet.  It leaves us with some questions, but it does say Metcha day is Monday May 7th...and really THAT is the only important thing.

Today is my grandmother's funeral.  It is also my last Jeremiah study but I'll miss have to miss it.  Who knew that from 26 weeks I'd only miss the last week?  Too bad I've finally learned to resist reading the end first!

Next Wednesday I do get to spend the morning with my friend who teaches my study and then afternoon tea at a tea place with the ladies from my MOPS table.

Then finally, Wednesday, May 2nd, we board a plane to Beijing, China!  11 hours later we'll be in China!

I have a sneaking suspicion that the next few weeks will fly by...and the same time.


No Greater Love said...

They would have totally flown if you had spent them in Colorado....totally flown. Poof...

I am so excited for you. I think about it all the time. Well, okay, maybe not ALL the time...but a lot. :)

Adrian Roberta said...

So excited to see you finnally get your turn. You've been so patient and shown so much Grace throughout your journey!

Nancy said...

SO sooooooo close! Will you be posting in China? I need pics!