Friday, April 20, 2012

The Best

Sunflower really is the most delightful little girl.  The waiter at lunch yesterday said we need to take her to Hollywood.  With the legal limits on how much money parents can skim from their child's earnings, we have no intention of helping her break into the movies, but I really do believe she could do it.

The other day she cuddled up close to me and said, "Mommy, can I sit next to you because you are my best..."

"Sure! My best what?"


Don't worry, my head can't get too big.  Yesterday I said to Sunflower, "come sit with me...aren't I the best?"

And SnapDragon said, "Oh, Mommy, don't lie!"

He also thought that since we would be gone for Mother's Day he should give his Mother's Day present to Auntie A.  Ummm, maybe I should read even more books about attachment.

It is going to be hard to leave them for two weeks.  We will miss them so very, very much...but as Sunflower walked through the mall yesterday jumping over the black tiles and running ahead and back it confirmed our decision to leave them home.  We don't talk about it too much because it makes SnapDragon sad, but we do want them to be prepared.  Skype, here we come.

Now I'm off to the beach with my photography friends.  I'm a little nervous about sharing a house with 9 people I've only met casually before, I want to stay home with my family that I'll be missing, plus I do have some things I should be doing, but my husband said..."you paid your portion, you have to go."  I know I'll have fun, I just wish it wasn't raining.  


Mary Beth said...

Skype was such a huge help to us while we were in China. I'm not sure how I would have made it without it. Probably not very well. :-) I hope you have a great trip!

Sarah said...

aaahhhh...I'd just live in the glow of being called "the best" for a long time if I were you! Sunflower sounds precious! (As do ALL of your children.)