Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Week in a Wordy Nutshell

Such a fun week--pumpkin patch, lunch with friends, Jeremiah Bible Study, Financial Peace University, playdate here for SnapDragon, my niece's volleyball tournament, and tonight my photography class.  I've been spending a bit less time on my blogs to keep up with everything and my photography homework (which was quite challenging for me and did not produce share quality photos.)  Also, Jeremiah talks a lot about our hearts being given over completely to God, to have no idols before Him, so I am praying for a little more balance and better prioritizing in my life.  That is an oversimplification of what I'm learning in my Bible Study, but I don't have time to go into detail right now.

But speaking of balance...I have been trying to take pictures of the boys more instead of just Sunflower.  I do love all of my children not just my cute baby girl.

In adoption news,  today we got our paper i-800a receipt--basically the acknowledgment that the government received our i-800a application (which is requesting permission to adopt a child Internationally.)  We got our electronic receipt Monday morning--or Sunday really, really late.  Specifically we got a text a little after midnight on Sunday, or more accurately Oak's phone dinged waking us up to tell us there was a text.  Somehow it didn't feel so bad when we realized it was our i-800a receipt--though the e-mail he read the next morning was probably sufficient.  

Next step is a letter saying we can go in to get our fingerprints.  I don't know how long that will take.  Not too long probably in the grand scheme of being in process 6 years.  1 month or 2...that's downright lightening fast.


No Greater Love said...

YEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! So happy about the I-800A receipt.

Glad you had such a great week....I've been missing you, but so know what you mean about having no idols before the Lord. :) You are an encouragement to me!

Mer :)
P.S. The snow melts fast could do it. Think of the photo possibilities.'s almost all melted already. We get as many sunny days as CA. :)

Sennie said...

Great news about the i-800a receipt!
What a sweet photo of your son <3