Thursday, October 6, 2011


Life is good.  It just is.  And since I was weeping into my soup last October, I just thought it would be a good thing to say.

Plus Tuesday's devotion at MOPS (very well done) boiled down that to not have a complaining spirit one shouldn't allow themselves to complain about anything, not even the weather.  For me, I think I need to take it even further.  I need to praise the good.

Our Financial Peace class is going well.  The people are nice and everyone seems to be really desirous of learning.  And there is a lot to learn.  It is very good for us at this time, too.

MOPS is great.  I thought it would be hard to not be the one in charge and see it being "done differently."  But I just love being a part of such a caring ministry even in a different role and I am actually thrilled to see how well it is doing under new leadership--women whom I adore and admire.  It is fantastic to be able to focus my energy on the women at my table and building relationships in the group and not on the details of the meeting.  I think it helps that everyone is doing such an excellent job without me and new moms are attending and being blessed, but I don't care about the why.  I am loving it! I miss some of last year's moms, but am enjoying new people.

My Jeremiah study is excellent...really deserves another post of it's own--but I'll just stick to this week being about how much Jeremiah cared about the people God was angry with for their "stupid sin" and I need to care, too.  I love studying the word of God and the wonderful women with whom I am studying it (including Oak's sister.)

I continue to have a lot of fun with my photography including walking in downtown with 13 other photographers for the World Wide Photo Walk.  Cityscapes and abstract glass is not my usual subject, so it is challenging to tell if any of my photos are good, but it was a great time and a wonderful way to stretch my skills.  I am going to take an 8 class photo class at a local community college with two friends starting in a few weeks.  I can't wait!  I think it will be so informative and fun, especially with the two creative ladies I'll be with.  Taking pictures in general makes me happy, and Oak encourages it because it makes me happy.

The kids are all doing well.  They love their activities and are currently healthy.  They really bring me a lot of joy even when I struggle to be a most excellent parent.

But this weekend, we will miss them...a little.  The boys are staying with Auntie J and Sunflower with another friend so we can have the weekend to ourselves.  We are very much looking forward to this time which includes the marriage conference at our church that I "helped" plan (meaning I went to all the planning meetings and got to know a lot of really awesome people in our church.)  I cannot wait to hear the planned speakers and spend time investing in my marriage.  The conference is only Friday evening and Saturday day so Oak and I will still have lots of time for ourselves, too. 

And last, but certainly not least, I am very happy that we can afford to heat our house!  Awwww, warmth!

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No Greater Love said...

Oh, I am so glad I deleted that complainy e-mail I almost sent to you today. :)

Glad things are so wonderful! Have a wonderful weekend...can't wait to read a post about it.

And I already told you, but the glass pictures were INCREDIBLE!!!!