Monday, October 17, 2011

I-800A In the Mail...Almost

Received our completed homestudy today (not Saturday as promised)!  I-800A application completed and ready for FedEx tomorrow.  Approximately 10-12 weeks for I-800A approval (with some fingerprints in between).  

I am hoping for the faster end of approval and for it to occur one day...and only one day before referral.  What?  It could happen!  

It feels so exhilarating to be waiting on the US government for this next step instead of our agency...who we can call and annoy.  Ummmm, puzzling over this, but still excited!

(By the way, our social worker is moving to Montana at the end of October and we will have a new social worker, again.  3rd one for this adoption.  Who said we didn't have perseverance?)


best pre workout supplement 2012 said...

I'm hoping for the fast approval for you! God Bless!

No Greater Love said...

Yay! How exciting!!!!! (I'm even more excited for you than those 5 exclamation marks indicate...but I didn't want to go overboard.) :)

Can't wait for the next step...

Oh, and you definitely have perseverance....I think you have that one covered. :)

Nancy said...

Good golly you're getting close! I'm so so excited for you!!!
Your time IS COMING!