Friday, October 21, 2011

More Numbers

The rumor is that China matched families upto and including LID (login date) August 2, 2006.  Not the largest group, nor the smallest, just about average.  In fact it covers the 5 days I usually use for my math.

Puts us only 13 days of matches away!  Most probably 2-3 batches away from match...possibly 1-4.  A Christmas referral is not outside the realm of possibility though Thanksgiving would be a true Christmas miracle.  Even China Adoption Forecast (who are notorious pessimists, but often proven right) has us getting our referral in Feb. 2012. 

The real exciting part of this is that for the last few years China has only done 10 batches in a year.  Sometimes having a big gap in October, November.  One year only getting to 10 batches by having 2 in December.  This October batch brings them to 10 batches this year.  That may mean we won't see a batch until January, but I think it is more likely we'll still see at least one more batch if not two this calendar year.

Since at the beginning of the year I didn't think they would get into August LIDs at all until January, I am nothing but excited!


No Greater Love said...

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!! I am so excited, too! :) That is so funny, because when I wrote you that e-mail this morning, I was so excited for you, and I hadn't even read this post! :) Now, I'm really over the top happy for you!

Nancy said...

You could TOTALLY beat me to China! I'd be happy for you if you did!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

U should be excited! REALLY excited. Heck I am and I am not until January 07!

All fingers and toes crosed for U!


Traci Michele said...

I'd love to see your sepia photo over here today: