Friday, October 7, 2011

Lockdown the Castle

Yesterday our son's middle school went into modified lock-down.  A letter came home explaining it--there was a man outside the school grounds behaving in a dangerous manner.  We got a phone call, I hoped to explain further, but again is just said behaving in a dangerous manner.  So we don't know if he was waving a gun around or crossing the street without looking.  I couldn't find anything out about it on the news, so I'm thinking it wasn't too bad?

But the scary thing is not that there was danger.  I have it on good authority (NCIS-LA) that even if I homeschooled my child could be gunned down by stray I leave that in God's hands.  No the scary thing is that Huckleberry didn't notice.  Modified lock-down means the school continued as usual but they couldn't go outside during lunch and had to be escorted by a teacher in between buildings.  He just thought it was a happy coincidence that a teacher always walked with him--gave him someone to talk at.

They say ignorance is bliss, but I'm hoping it is also a form of protection.
On another completely unrelated note, I am not buying this week's Castle episode.  I find it just completely improbable and ridiculous.  No way.  Oak thinks it is a little romantic.  I think romance is that Oak was willing to rent me a lens for my Photo Walk when I thought I'd lost my wide angle (it was in my friend's car) instead of being mad that I lost an expensive lens.  I guess it is a very good thing that the first speaker at this weekend's marriage conference is on bringing back the romance.


No Greater Love said...

That is sort of crazy that you didn't get more info on what the man was doing. I like what you said, though...crossing the street without looking. You make me laugh!

What is Castle?

Romance, huh? I may need to go to that first speaker, too. :) I could give a good talk on how to be Oscar the Grouch, if the conference is needing a speaker on that.

Merrill said...

It makes me sad that we are bringing up our children in a world where we have to have lock-downs. We never know if it is a drill or the real thing...which it was several times at my old school, not because we were in danger, but as a precaution. One time a stolen car was ditched in our parking lot and the suspect took off on foot. Lock down. Another time was a robbery at a dry cleaners about 1.5 miles away. Again, a precaution. Better safe than sorry, but it always scares the kids. Makes the teachers nervous too since we don't know if it's real or a drill. The worst one was when I had an irate father coming in and the child had said multiple times "This school better watch out when my daddy comes up here." He had just taken her out of class and literally a minute later they called a lock down. It was just a drill because the safe schools team was there for an audit, but whoa, it scared me!

I missed last week's Castle. I always forget about it until half way through. :(

Stasha said...

That is so worrying. There was an incident in our town with a child bringing a loaded gun to his middle school two days in a row. And then last week we had a double murder and suspect running through our neighborhood. And you know how small and quiet our town is.
All this makes me sad. Our children will grow up with metal detectors and safely drills in schools. I suppose our parent s did with nuclear war threat and their parents in world war 2. It is just awful that the threat is now in our backyards, isn't it.
I think it is probably for the best you son was oblivious, right?

retriever said...

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