Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Have China on My Mind

Tuesday, Sunflower and I were playing outside. Sunflower saw a spider on the slide just as she was about to climb up it. (Yes, my children are allowed to climb up slides.) This was her expression:
I told her the spider was had gone so far it was probably now in China.

"No!  Not China!  That's where my baby sister is!"
"Don't EAT my baby sister!"

She chased that spider down so it wouldn't get to her baby sister.  (It is always baby sister...never just baby...or just sister.)

Then today Sunflower was playing and said, "I'm a baby, wah, wah!  I need to go to China."

"China is where the babies are."

We have some things to clarify.  I am not going to tell you all the things she said about baby sister, China, and tummies.



No Greater Love said...

That is so neat that she is so protective over her baby sister. :) I love it. But now I'm curious what else she said. I bet it was good.

Hey, guess what? I shared about you in my accountability group yesterday. Yes, I did. :) Because what you wrote to me the other day really made me think, and even better get a handle on what was going on in my heart! :)

Have a wonderful Thursday!

Jessy said...

Well, she isn't completely wrong...that's where your baby is!