Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot -- The Zoo...again

We go to the zoo a lot.  An annual pass makes it "free" and it is a great place to practice taking pictures--a win-win for all!  So Black Friday, instead of shopping or staying home feeling like we "should do something," we went to the zoo.

The nice thing about cold overcast days is that means a lot of the animals are prowling about.
Clouded Leopard
Even if they are mostly behind glass.
The sunniest part of the day was when Oak and the kids went into the aquarium and I waited outside to take pictures at my leisure with my non-fogged up lens.
The Peacock was quite the poser, which is not something I can say for my children.
Thankfully our zoo has some beautiful foliage to enjoy even if I didn't get any great pictures of the kids.
Plus there is always the age old question of "what is the difference between a penguin...
...and a Puffin?" to entertain us all.
The zoo labels most...if not all...of their plants, but I almost never remember to read the label.  Oh, well, I think it is pretty.
The Polar Bear had moved away from the pond by the time I had my turn at the window, so I tried to make do.  My son said my first attempt looked like a human foot, so I tried again.  Some lady with a cell phone has the full view shot.
Red Wolf
I filled my card while taking pictures of this guy.  They have a nice, new habitat and zoos across the country are bringing these animals back from the brink of extinction.
But then I saw these purple thankful for back up memory cards.  But now Thanksgiving weekend is almost over...
...time to start celebrating Christmas!

(If anyone wants to visit us, we have 3 guest passes each time we visit the zoo...and ZooLights is quite beautiful.)

Ni Hao Yall



Seow wei said...

Nice photo, I love them all, I love close up photo.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

wow, these shoots are fabulous.


Martha said...

Awesome photos...the tiger is my favorite, but they are all wonderful. Love your idea of heading to the zoo on Black Friday, maybe my crew should do that next year too. Shopping is a zoo too, but the animals would be more polite I think! LOL

Life with Kaishon said...

My son would have us to go the zoo every weekend if we could : ) He is 11 and he still loves it like crazy. Your pictures are perfect : )

No Greater Love said...

I love every single picture.

We have Zoo Lights here, too. And you can get a year pass to the Denver Zoo. Just for your know, in case that sways your desire to move at all.

Gillian said...

I can't possibly choose a fav! This makes me wish we had a zoo here!!!