Monday, November 14, 2011


We decided to try to walk-in and have our fingerprints taken today.  Our friend took Sunflower last night so we could hit the road after dropping the boys at school and hopefully make it back in time for the school bell.  I had gotten very little sleep last night, so I was anxious about spending the day at the Department of Homeland Security waiting, waiting, and waiting.  However, several things came together to make it happen and God's fingerprints were definitely in the details.

First, even though I was exhausted, I had recently decided my hair was driving me nuts.  This led to my usual next step, splurging to buy the slightly more expensive shampoo and conditioner my best friend uses on her gorgeous hair.  I am convinced that if I use it frequently enough I, too, will have thick, beautiful, red hair.  By the end of a bottle I am usually happier with my hair as it is healthier and softer, but discouraged by the lack of red and thickness I go back to my bad hair care product purchase habits.  

Anyway, this time, I couldn't remember exactly which line of the product she buys, so I bought the "invigorating" one.  I figured it was just a marketing tool.   Well, no.  Imagine putting medicated chapstick on your scalp.  Kind of tingly and it really does wake you up.  Can I admit I kind of like it?

Then we made good time getting to the office and after going through security with no annoying beeps (last time we were there Oak had his micro-leatherman confiscated not to be returned) the next line was surprising short...3-4 be told to go to window 11 to find out if they would accept walk-ins today...his sad smile and doubtful head shake was quite discouraging.

The next lady at the head of the next quite a bit longer line was the one who would say yes or no.  There were several signs stating aht walk-ins are not welcome.  SOMETIMES our office takes walk-ins, but only when they are not busy, and they were clearly busy today.   She looked stressed and on the verge of a no but we'd prayed for those in power to find favor on us...and it was clear she didn't WANT to turn us away.  

So she gave us some papers and told us to fill it out and get back to the end of her line again.  Fast forward to the front of her line again and she gives us a number.  Then we wait a little longer and our number is called.  Then we go into the fingerprint room and wait in line one last time.  At each time I felt afraid that they would turn us away, but we continued on until completion...and while waiting we heard other walk-ins being turned away by the lady who had replaced our kind-hearted lady.

After only a little over two hours in the office, big happy sigh, it is done!  Now we can spend the day after Thanksgiving as God!  Just kidding, spending it with family being we do have so much for which to be thankful!

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No Greater Love said...

Yahooo!!!! I am so happy for you. :)