Monday, November 7, 2011

Fingerprint Appointment

Today we got the notice for our fingerprint appointment which we need to get our I-800a approval.  The appointment date is November 25th...yes, black Friday.  We may or may not be able to go in on an earlier date which may or may not speed up our approval...we'll see; a Friday holiday may just give us more babysitting options or less.

In the meantime, Sunflower is well on her way to learning to eat with chopsticks...
Or not.  It is too bad since she is not the optimal person to teach baby sister the alphabet either as she sings it:

A B C D S O B H I J L M N O P...Always A B C D S O B.


No Greater Love said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you for telling me...I did miss this. See what happens when you are stuck in bed with a headache. :)

Cedar, she is soooooo cute in these pictures. Well, she's always cute. but I loooove these pic's of Sunflower eating noodles.

And hooray for fingerprints!!!! Hope you can figure out a way to go earlier...but if not...Nov. 25th isn't too far away. I am sort of surprised that their office is open on that day.

Jessy said...

Very exciting!!
And I had to giggle at Sunflower's alphabet....=}

Delwyn said...

Hi Cedar
You may be interested to know that our 4th child is adopted from Korea. We went to Korea to collect her as a 16 week baby and now she is 21 and beautiful, bright and very kind and sweet. She has been a gift to the entire family and we are very proud of her.
Contrary to the information we were given at her birth she has found she has 2 sisters and her parents were married at the time of her adoption but poverty forced them to make this decision. She is now awaiting news of the current family status.
Adoption for our family has been a very positive rewarding experience.

Delwyn said...

Here you will find a little of her story:

Happy days