Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Trip

We spent last weekend down South with Oak's brother and his (Oak's brother's) wife.  It was a great weekend of good conversation, excellent food, and slightly wild children.

Of course we did spend time at the Science Museum since our annual pass in not yet expired.  There are more Science Museum photos on my photography blog.
  They have lots of interesting things for the kids to try out.
And I tried the instruction from my photography class to take pictures from no higher than 3 feet.  My teacher said fashion photographers never take pictures from higher than that.
Doesn't it make Oak look like a fashion model...even if he did move away before I could play with my exposure more.  I've known to get down on eye level with the kids, but had never tried it with adults.
SnapDragon did excellently well on this math puzzle.  I am very proud of his math abilities...if not his hair cut.
We did have Sunflower use the bathroom before playing in the water...first dry trip at the Science Center...though Sunflower did try to take her shirt off because "it is wet!"
Then burritos for lunch, trip to the camera store, and an evening at the house which included some delicious homemade pizza and a movie.
Sunday Breakfast was smoothies and a scrumptious lemon, blueberry coffee cake.  Aunt H is a very good cook.
Are you ready to play yet, Aunt H?  Are you done yet?
Time for the second game of Settlers.  Poor, Uncle B, he just cannot understand the illogical thinking of 7 year olds.  Aunt H crushed them all.
We ended the visit with lunch at the best Vietnamese restaurant ever.  The owner will even make a bowl of plain noodles for those picky little 7 year olds...and grill a chicken breast to go with the noodles for little sister.
This is why my mother refused to watch us eat noodle soup when I was a child, but what is one to do with chop sticks?
Then good-byes in the parking lot though I was so busy taking pictures I didn't realize I'd left my purse.  Uncle B will pick it up and mail it to me...thankfully I have my wallet with my driver's lisence. I would have so much trouble breaking the rules or staying home for this next week.
Then we made a beeline for Oak's sister's church to see our niece get we couldn't stop and let me take pictures of the beautiful sky behind us.  That's mirrors are fun.
Ended the evening celebrating at the church with coaco and snacks.  
Huckleberry even had a chance to show his saxaphone (school rental) to his musically gifted Cousin J.  And I got a chance to practice more night photography...take off the glasses is my tip of the day.
Sweet Shot Day


No Greater Love said...

What a totally fun weekend. And I looove the pictures. The one of you all playing the game is so neat. And I love SnapDragon eating his burrito.
And, yes, Oak totally looks like a fashion model. Who knew what only taking pictures at 3ft. could do. :)

Susan said...

Wow...looks like you guys had a great day.

So many neat memories captured here.

Hope you have a blessed day today♥

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Sweet shots! Love the spaghetti one! ~ Fun! ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy SST ^_^

Erika B said...

It looks like such a great time! You've documented it so well!

Erika B

Lil Mama Stuart said...

came from m3b, love the car capture!

Susan said...

Love the sunset shot, and thanks for the fashion shoot tip, will have to try that sometime.

Shoni said...

Totally going to have to try taking a photo of an adult from no higher than 3 feet...worked wonders with your photo! Lovely pictures!

Point & Shoot said...

Love your sunset shot

Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

I think I will try your 3ft tip too. So fun to do things from a different perspective. It definitely gave Oak a certain je ne sais quoi!