Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If You Spill It

We finally got a desk so we can bring our main computer downstairs and out of our bedroom.  Hopefully it will make it more accessible to the boys as they start to need it more often, but more likely it'll just mean I'm on the computer even more frequently (if that was even possible.) 

Oak was putting it together when Sunflower spilled his glass of coke (only to be expected as it was on the floor next to the interesting parts Sunflower kept trying to steal.)  

I took the glass and got the carpet cleaner.  Then I sat down on the floor to cuddle Sunflower--partly to comfort her as she was upset and partly to keep her away from the mess.  

After a little while Oak handed the wet rags towards me and asked, "Can you rinse these out for me?"

Sunflower lifted her head off of my shoulder, looked at the rags, and said, "No.  I can't.  I'm holding Mom."

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No Greater Love said...

Oh my goodness....that is so cute. Did you hold her even tighter after that comment? I love it!!!!