Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nothing Serious

I feel like I've been too serious lately.  Can't have that!  

Huckleberry read yesterday's post.  He instantly saw the flaw in his logic and said his answer now would be "I don't know, I'd have to do a survey."  There's my scientist.

Sunflower has been very sick this week; she is better now.  Tuesday I couldn't decide whether to be happy because she fell asleep on my lap, be terrified that she was so ill, or glad to have an excuse to not fold the laundry.  Okay, she basically had a cold with a 102 degree fever that lasted two days, but trust me Sunflower sitting still long enough to fall asleep is very worrying.  

I am addicted to comments.  I check multiple times a day if I have a new comment.  Sometimes I read through all the comments I have ever received.  I need to stop that because it is really starting to cut into my housework time, especially since my total number of comments is now 92--the same number as this post.  I really like the symmetry in that, but I want more comments.

My closest friends tell me they disliked me the first time we met.  I do not know how to change my first impression and am afraid I am missing out on some great friendships because some ladies never got over their initial dislike.  No, they are missing out, right...right?

Are chocolate goldfish crackers a healthy snack or not?  They are goldfish crackers--the food of all two year olds--but they are chocolate.  Is it okay if that is the only thing Sunflower eats today? or all I eat today?

I know Sunflower is all better because she just fell down.  She was standing and spinning so it is only natural she fell down.  She really doesn't fall that often.



Mitch said...

Very frustrating when I type out a comment and then lose it when I try to submit! Grrrr

I'm guessing that the nutritional difference of Chocolate Goldfish vs. Regular Goldfish is marginal and thus it is perfectly acceptable to substitute the Chocolate ones :-)

92 Post? Wow... that is pretty impressive!

Wow... Sunflower taking a nap on your lap is pretty awesome! Too bad she had to be sick for that to happen :-(

Have a great day!


Adrian Roberta said...

Lol, your post today made me laugh. What is your friends actually 1st impression of You? Too quiet/loud what? I love when friends can be that real!