Saturday, January 15, 2011

Me 2!

The phrase "me too" is very common around here these days.   Every time, really every time, I say we are going to do "X" or "Z" Sunflower says, "Me too?  Me too?"  She points to herself and looks at me with her eyes shining with worry.

I easily resist the urge to answer, "No.  Mommy and Daddy and the guys are all going somewhere and we plan to leave you alone" because the anxiety in her eyes is so deep and real.  (Plus Oak and I believe in waiting until our children are three before teaching sarcasm.)

Instead I say, "Yes, Sunflower, you too."  Or occasionally, not often, I say "You are staying home with Mommy.  Just Daddy is going" because she usually only asks when it is clear we are all getting ready to do something.

If she was adopted I would be anxious that she was having attachment issues.  Since she isn't adopted I know it is part of the attachment process.   It is a natural part of her feeling secure in her family and finding her place.  Soothing her is a natural part of being her mommy regardless of how she came to our family.

There is one context she uses the phrase that doesn't garner reassurance but laughter.  

If someone asks if she is Sunflower, she shouts, "No, Me two!"

If someone mentions that SnapDragon is "too" cute, she shouts, "No, Me two!"

We laugh, hold our two fingers up with her, and say, "Yes, Sunflower, you two!"


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Nancy said...

What an adorable girl you have there! How wonderful to have these little nuances written down to treasure for later.
Thx for sharing!