Sunday, January 16, 2011

Documenting Details

If the purpose of my blog was to document the details of our adoption journey, I would so be failing.  We found out Friday that our FBI fingerprints were approved--10/25/2010.  Yep, two and a half months ago.  

We couldn't have our first visit with our Social Worker for our homestudy until the fingerprints were approved.  Now they are approved, so I'd better finish up those last few questions on my self-study.  

I don't blame our agency for not letting us know before now.  October/November was a busy time for them, and when I e-mailed Friday to find out I had the answer within an hour.  

Oops.  Some parts of adoption and growing our family through adoption fascinate me.  The paper chase is not one of those parts!

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Nancy said...

Thanks kinda funny! Glad your not in a time crunch!