Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Top 10 Photos of 2010

The forum I actually post at and don't just read and Our Little Tongginator encouraged readers to pick their top 10 pictures of the year and post them on their blog.  I'm about two weeks late getting it done, but here is my post.

First, I did limit myself to 10 pictures.  Everyone else mentioned how hard it was to choose just ten, so I gave myself some rules before I started in order to help me pick.  I decided I could only choose pictures I haven't already posted on my blog, the pictures had to be from different days with a mix of my family, and once I had ten I had to stop looking.  This meant I only went back 6 months of the year and I skipped whole photo shoots of Sunflower (when the boys are at school I play with the camera a lot).  However, overall I am pleased with my selection.  So without any more boring introductions, here they are:

Here is Sunflower.  She is quite a little mama now with lots of dolls from her birthday and Christmas, but this stuffed lion was her first second baby (her first one was a plastic lion shape sorter that she rocked and fed).  This lion is currently residing in Texas since he stowed away in our friend's suitcase.  I love Sunflower's eyes.
Here is SnapDragon at Camp Invention a week long day camp that explores science and math in a fun way.  It is available in schools across the country.  Huckleberry has gone every year since Kindergarten, but last summer was SnapDragon's first time.  With their team they had to come up with a product and market and sell it.  Apparently SnapDragon's mall was closed.  Their favorite part of camp is taking apart a broken electronics they bring to camp and create something new and exciting to bring home from the parts and everyone's recyclables.  I consider ourselves lucky when the amount of "projects" they bring home is equal to the amount of recyclables we sent to camp.
My dreams of beautiful shots of my beautiful girl standing on the beach were shot when we discovered Sunflower did not want to stand on the sand even with shoes on.  We didn't need to worry about her running around during my brother-in-law's beach wedding since she would not move from the blanket.  If only being still also meant being quiet.
The boys dancing at the reception.  Everyone had a great time, especially Sunflower who gave the bridesmaids a giggle by stripping in the middle of the dance floor because her tights were too slippery.
Sunflower has always been able to communicate exactly what she is thinking with a look.  Oak says she gets that from her mother, but I don't have a clue what he is talking about.  I believe Huckleberry took this picture because I was not with them.  I didn't stay the whole family camping trip because it was the only weekend MOPS leadership could have their planning retreat--really the only weekend.
All of the children loved the splash park.  I've avoided these kinds of pictures before, but I really love this picture of Huckleberry.  In case you are tempted to use it for nefarious purposes, I have a tracker that tells me who downloads what and with my brilliant husband, google earth, and top secret satellites who knows what can happen, just saying.
What a better way to end the summer than with ice cream...in the car.  No worries for me...Daddy's choice, Daddy's clean-up.  (Of course, sometimes Mommy's choice, Daddy's clean-up also.)
I love this picture of my family holding hands and walking; too bad all those other people insisted on being at the fair. 
We do not get this much snow at our house but a few hour drive into the mountains will give the boys some snow time most months of the year.  Oak took this picture (with M's camera) because I didn't go with them.  It may appear that I avoid outdoor time with my family, but Sunflower needing to stay home to take a nap is a perfectly legitimate reason to stay away from all that cold, wet, ucky snow.
This photo isn't my most technically talented or artfully posed picture, but it is one of my favorites.  SnapDragon is reading to  Huckleberry the story he wrote him for Christmas.  I love my family.


The Raudenbush Family said...

Great pictures to capture special memories--that is what makes pictures great. Love the last one of reading his special story. And, I love the one of the family holding hands too. Nicely done!

Truly Blessed said...

Ooh, love the one of your daughter on the beach -- it's dreamy with the mist and the cool colors against her white dress (makes her curls really stand out!) and I'm a nut for the water shots.

Good job!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I LOVE that beach photo! And heh about the blanket.

Peter and Abby said...

Great pictures! I love matching Christmas jammies. My kids made each other books for Christmas too! Sadly I may never get around to blogging about Christmas with how slow my iphoto is working!