Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Love We Suport by SnapDragon

We had a very nice Christmas with some nice presents--I got a few addicting games for my DSi (Thanks!), but as much as I love games my favorite present was the one SnapDragon gave to Huckleberry.  He wrote his big brother a story.  He read the story out loud Christmas morning.  They said I can share the story with you.  Maybe you will find it as beautiful as I did and give you a glimpse of my tenderhearted SnapDragon's soul.

The Love We Support
by SnapDragon (he wrote his real name)

Our love is 
spashil (special) to us.
We need it
to be kind.
it's what Makes
us kind not
greedy or rude.
you love you'r 
famly as much 
as you can
imagin.  you give
your love to
others.  you
can not keep 
it to yourself.
here's how
we can be
kind.  Share, be
responsubl (responsible), be
respacfell (respectful) and
don't get mad.
you know how
you feel when
you'r geting 
bulled (bullied) right?
Well, it's 
rude and
greedy when
they do that.
I would't
get mad
thoe (though) Becuse
that's not
you must 
love this 
person even 
if he or
she is
bulling (bullying)



Steve & Sarabeth said...

Oh my goodness, that is way too cute. And kind of funny:)

Nancy said...

That boy of your is quite amazing! He seems to grasp things (about being nice to others even when they aren't nice to you) that most adults don't! Smart guy!