Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to Oak

My poor husband, today is his birthday and I want it to be a great day because I love him and the last month has just not been good to him.  His mother is gone, the server room at work caught fire, and he caught vomit in his hands.  He hasn't even had time to read the newest book in his favorite series while giving me time to read it and blog.  To top it off, this weekend (the weekend of his mother's funeral) Sunflower came down with a stomach bug and he handled it in stride.  I don't want my blog to be all about throw-up, but it really shows what a wonderful man my husband is.  

Sunflower threw up at 11:30 in her port-a-crib.  I gave her a bath, even though I don't do baths, so Oak could clean the crib.  It wasn't dry after washing, so we took her into our King Bed.  Around 3 a.m. she started making those noises no parent wants to hear (I was already awake because she had flipped perpendicular in bed and was rhythmically kicking me).  I said, "Oh, no! She's going to blow!" and ran to turn on the light.  I came back to find Oak sitting up and holding Sunflower close--no sign of puke.  Then he pealed her away from him.  It was all over him--not a single spot on the hotel bedding.  After Oak and Sunflower were cleaned up she was feeling great and wide awake.  Oak took her into the lobby so as to not wake the boys and to let me sleep (I read this week's Sunday Linkage instead, shhhh!).  This is how amazing my husband is.  No wonder I thought the last 13 years of marriage were easy and he finds it amazing it we've reached this milestone.

However, with the goal of celebrating another 13 years of marriage thus reaching the highly acclaimed 26th anniversary, I want today to be a special day for my husband.  We always celebrate Dad's birthday by eating the gingerbread house that the kids decorate with Aunt J which is good because Sunflower asks every morning, "eat house?"  Since Oak's love language is acts of service, I am making dinner (with the help of a friend who brought us a meal today in sympathy for Oak's mother's passing, shhhh!), and I am going to fold the laundry.  I'll let him read "Towers of Midnight" before finishing "20 Things Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew."  Maybe he can read while I put the children to bed if he wants.  

If he reads my blog before coming home it'll give away some of the surprise, but writing it down is good for me.  It makes it more likely I'll follow through.  He makes it so easy for me to leave it to him because he is always showing me love by serving me.  But today is his birthday and I will show him love by doing acts of service for him.

Happy Birthday, husband.

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