Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tape, Glue, and Staples

I had today's post all planned, but it requires a scanner.  I had one last night.  Now I do not.  I will tomorrow.  It will be my Christmas present this year; one I will open early.  There are several things I need to do in the next few days that require a printer and a scanner (we had an all-in-one) so American capitalism wins again.

Since I cannot do the planned post, I think I will tell you a story about Huckleberry.  He has been asking me to tell more funny stories about him.  I know some kids don't like being talked about on their mom's blog, but he is always telling me--you should put this on the blog; when are you going to tell another story about me?

Anyway, when I was pregnant with SnapDragon, Huckleberry was 3 1/2 and came to me very serious.

Huckleberry:  I am going to need a new mommy.
Me:  Ummm, why? (Thinking he was mad at me or something).
Huckleberry:  Because when the baby comes you'll be broken.
Me:  Oh no, baby.  I won't break.  I'll be a little sore, but the doctor will fix me up
       and I'll feel better real quick.  I'll still be your mother.  You won't need a new 
Huckleberry:  How will he fix you?
Me: Naps and Tylenol.
Huckleberry:  Good.  I didn't want a new mommy.

A few days later.

Huckleberry:  I think he'll use tape and glue, too.
Me:  What?
Huckleberry:  The doctor, to fix you.  He'll need tape and glue, too.
Me:  Yes, maybe he will at that.

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