Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What do you get when you throw a camera out a window?

A Shutterfly!

I don't want to be the blog that is always posting about give-a-ways and making people think I'm greedy (even if maybe I am), but this isn't just a chance to win something; they said I would get 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly, and that is nothing to sneeze at (how does this idiom work since it ends in a preposition and wouldn't make sense if I fixed the grammar?).  

There are many beautiful cards that Shutterfly makes using pictures I would upload myself.  If I had them make my Christmas cards then I wouldn't have to write my usual picture letter that only happens once every other year because I am just that lazy, so I am very excited at the idea of getting 50 free cards.  I would possibly choose this card as it says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (so if I sent it out after Christmas it would still work) and lets me use more than one picture.   If I knew for sure that I would actually send cards this year because I had already ordered them then I would participate in the Christmas card exchange on my We Are Grafted In Forum.  I would like to participate even if it means I'll be linking our family name with our blog because it would be fun to "meet" some adoptive moms.  I accidentally linked our last name last week anyway if you were paying really close attention, and while I fixed that error, it is only a matter of time before I make more.

I also love their photo calendars because they make wonderful Christmas presents.  I've never ordered mine from Shutterfly because I'm never done in time for ordering on-line and having them mailed to me, but photo calendars are the best Christmas present I have found.  It takes a little bit of work for me because I insist on creating my own photo layout in Photoshop, but once I'm done, I have all the grandparents and extended family gifts done in one fell swoop.  It used to not work for the kids but now even my niece and nephew want one for Christmas.

If I was going to order anything else it might be the photo mug. What teacher wouldn't want to drink out of a mug featuring my adorable child?  Plus I can fill the mug with hot chocolate, tea, or cider or if you aren't as cheap on as tight of budget as me a gift card to a coffee shop looks nice.  One friend who is a teacher complained that all they get for Christmas is Starbucks gift cards, but I would think even if you don't drink coffee you can have fun with them.  My SnapDragon was telling me yesterday that he would like to go back to Borders for some ciders and cocoas which only happened because I was so frazzled after having my husband drop us off at the wrong bookstore (the boys had gift cards to Barnes and Noble) and our friend was willing to pay.

Also, if I could prove that their mouse pads would work with an optical mouse I would definitely make my husband buy one for me.  He tells me that the reason my mouse jumps everywhere is because I have an optical mouse and traditional mouse pads aren't useful.  Well, neither is nothing!  I would like a mouse pad that would work or a whole new mouse.  I love my mac, but the mouse leaves something to be desired.  A mouse pad with my childrens' smiling faces would at least cheer me up when I click on the wrong thing.

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