Friday, December 3, 2010

That Perfect Santa Picture

Every year our bank throws a Christmas party at a large warehouse store for all of its customers.  Odd, I know.  Every year we miss it because something always interferes.  Last year, for the first time, we made it, and we had a great time.  Many local restaurants come in and give out samples and coupons, traveling groups of carolers roam through the store, free cookies, cake decorating for the kids, face painting, and free Santa pictures.  Since last year was our first time, we went through the store in the wrong order.
Yes, SnapDragon has a spider on his face.  We didn't realize there were pictures with Santa until after he had his face painted.  We also didn't have the kids dress up so we didn't really view this as our Christmas Card picture for the year.

This year we planned a little better.  I coordinated the kids' outfits (though I didn't realize until we were at the store that SnapDragon chose not to change his shirt) and we went to the Santa pictures first.  However, it still didn't work out quite right.
The lady snapped the picture really quickly because she didn't want to let Sunflower get any bluer, but no one was prepared and Santa looks down-right miserable.  Oh well!  At least it makes me laugh which means it is a Jolly Christmas, right?  I would have asked her to take another after I saw this one if by that time Sunflower hadn't already covered the sleeves of her white turtleneck with mango slushy and SnapDragon hadn't covered his shirt with frosting.  

To make the evening complete, Sunflower threw up in the deepest depths of the store.  Just enough to cover her dress and Daddy's hands.  The floor was cement; he didn't have to catch it.  We took Sunflower's dress off, grabbed the wipeys for clean-up, and made our way out of the store as fast as we could.  This took us past the face painting that we had to deny to the boys out of courtesy to other families.  I guess we didn't get the order right this year either. 

Will we go again next year?  Probably, if we can.  I still have dreams of that perfect and free Santa picture and this year's event still has a high-light.  They called us Tuesday to let us know we had won a $25 gift certificate to the Sushi restaurant in town with our door prize slips.  I guess it was worth the few minutes of Sunflower waiting in her tights and slushy covered turtle neck while I left our name and ticket numbers at the information desk.

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, that is hysterical! Well, except for the vomit, of course. Then again, preteen boys would find vomit funny anyway. Hope she is feeling better and that next year goes PERFECTLY.