Monday, January 10, 2011

Today I Learned...

I learned a lot today.  Yep.  I did.  Because I spent all morning day reading my favorite one of my favorite blogs.  For once most of what I learned is not adoption related, so I am excited to share because I know all 8 of my usual readers (5 who aren't yet part of the adoption triad) can laugh along with me today.

First, I learned why I don't get invited on many playdates.  I am not quite a stalker mom but I do have a lot of trouble reading social clues.  I probably do stay too long and talk too much.  Really, if that is what is holding you back just give me a list of written expectations--I am great at following rules if I just know them!

Then I learned that I am both succeeding and failing at the Life Cycle of the China Adoption Blog.  It warms my heart to realize that it is a natural part of the cycle to obsess over and have my emotional well-being tie into comments (or lack thereof) from random strangers that I now consider my closest friends which is in itself natural and odd.  However, I have never done a post on the anniversary of my log in date.  In an effort to correct that error I would like to point out that this Saturday is our 53rd month lid-versary.  Ummm, it is too depressing to talk about.  I will now complete that part of the cycle by not mentioning it again.

I learned that when you ignore your daughter all day to read blog posts she can and will fall down the stairs to get your attention.  Do not worry--she only fell a few steps and I think it is possible she staged it.  She did appear trapped upside down with her feet in the air and her hands behind her when I ran to in her in response to the thump and small cry.  When I picked her up she laughed.

I learned that the only reason I have not read a parenting book or blog mention that my emotional happiness or depression will at times be directly linked to my child's ability to use a toilet properly is because Tonggu husband wouldn't let Tonggu mama post on "The Ebb and Flow of Pee."  I am not saying that is what her post would have said since she was NOT allowed to post it.  But if I had a post on the ebb and flow of pee it would totally mention how depressed I can get during the potty training weeks months years.  Or how right now that Sunflower is potty training and doing great I can do the celebratory potty dance with real joy.  (This is the reason my husband wants more girls and not boys even if we adopt two.  Yeah, yeah, we know--girls can have potty issues, too, but you were. not. there.)

I learned I really hope my daughter comes from Tonggu province in China because by the time we go get her I will know how to spell Tonggu.

I learned that if my husband comes home and starts working on our to-do list I should probably stop reading blog posts and pay attention or my sister's Christmas (yes, I said Christmas, and no, I didn't mean Christmas 2011 but the one just passed) package will be completely wrapped up and ready for mailing without the checks for my niece and nephews included. 

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a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, how you made me laugh! And yes, "the Ebb and Flow of Pee" detailed not only our potty training woes, but also our attachment-related pee power struggles. Those were FUN! (not)

And I do not believe that you are a stalker mom. Not even close. You can hang out with me for hours. It's only psychos who talk meanly about other people, point out others' race and religions constantly, and detail their family's financial woes when I first meet them that scare me. *grin*