Friday, October 1, 2010


So far I've done a few Mamarazzi posts on Sunflower, one on SnapDragon, and none on Huckleberry.  I thought it was time to focus on my oldest son.  Especially since we let him leave tonight for a weekend Camp Creation that teaches the Biblical perspective on science without us knowing anything about the church sponsoring it or any of the adults in attendance.  I know, I know--bad parents!  One of Huckleberry's friends from school is going, and as I used to be prayer partners with the friend's mom, I am trusting her judgment.  Still kind of freaking me out, though! 

After all, the weekend is focusing on dinosaurs, and what is the Biblical perspective on dinosaurs?  I believe in creation and the flood, but I don't recall much about dinosaurs.  When I was little my mom told me she thought (and she did emphasis that she just thought it was possible) that maybe God planted dinosaur bones to confuse humans and make us decide to have faith in Him or in bones.  After testing this theory out on several friends and offering it to my evolutionist friends in college, I have decided no one anywhere thinks this is true.  Which is probably good since I never really bought it, and I think my mom wasn't serious about it either.

Anyway, he is at camp, and should be home safe and sound Sunday without too much confusion in his theology.  However, just in case he isn't, I wanted to prove I loved him before he got lost in the forest, so here are some pictures of my baby who is now 10 1/2!
Huckleberry and his first pair of glasses

Hunting in the back yard

Bumper Cars at the Fair

Bubbles at the Fair

Dragon Face Paint at the Fair

So Handsome and Big for my Baby

He can cook, too!

When did he stop looking like this?

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Shannon said...

Oh!!! What great pictures!!!!! our Parker wears glasses too, I think they are just so darned adorable (although your son may not want to hear that!). Thank you SO much for your comments and prayers. I had to laugh because until you wrote to say it wasn't Monday yet I had not even noticed. I had actually even checked on Linny and wondered why she hadn't posted! Yikes...I really do need prayers!