Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We Are Grafted In--the blog and forum

Okay, my good friend here, I mean my on-line acquaintance whom I hoping will be a good friend, is having a give away of a charm from Jiayin Designs in order to generate business for them and to hopefully get the word out about We are Grafted in--a site with a blog and a forum 

One way to enter the contest is to blog about We are Grafted In.  That of course would lead to more people checking out the site.  Unfortunately, I only have 3 readers, and two already belong to We are Grafted In, and one is really hooked on her Ravelry forum (for my WAGI readers it's a forum on knitting that apparently also talks about the t.v. show, Bones.)  So my blogging about We Are Grafted In* won't result in more people on the forum. 

However, it will get me one more entry in the drawing to win a charm that says daughter in Chinese which I could wear with my prayer box while we wait.  If you are not interested in a Chinese charm there is also a magnet set from Ethiopia, or you could enter the contest and win a charm and give it to me for my birthday, just saying...

Anyway, about We Are Grafted In (this link is to the forum because while the blog is nice it does only have a new post every 2-3 days--reasonable for a blog--but the forum is a forum and much more fun!)  I really am learning all about other moms who have adopted and love reading everyone's comments (and stalking their blogs).  I feel quite sad when I check the site (as I do between 6-20 times a day) and there is nothing new said.  Unfortunately, since I am not parenting a daughter from China yet, I do feel like I don't have much of use to say, but I say it anyway.  So I agree with Kelly and my friend at this site that we need more traffic at We are Grafted In so I have more comments to read and answer.  Hmm, how to do that?  Well, I'm watching Blues Clues with Sunflower, so I guess I'll just go to my thinking chair and think about that!

* The site gets away with not answering the question of whether or not to capitalize the A in Are by having the url address entirely lower case and the Title on the forum entirely in capitals.  Since the A in are is part of the acronym WAGI, I guess it should be capitalized everywhere, but it feels so unnatural!  WAGI is a great acronym, but part of me wants an extra G--WAGGI.  We Are God's--Grafted In?  Just kidding!

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The Raudenbush Family said...

You crack me up. :) Seriously. :) Hope you win!