Saturday, October 16, 2010

Adoption News so Insignifacant as to Be Uninteresting

Today we finally got our Request for Background Clearance from New York State notarized.  We had to wait at the bank with all three children for one hour, but Oak has not had time during the work day to go in the past month.  We did get a Pumpkin Splash Smoothie from Jamba Juice next door to pass the time which helped but Huckleberry was late for a friend's birthday party.

This is the last clearance we need to have cleared before we can start our home study meetings with our social worker.  Hopefully it is pretty fast since our finger print clearance from the FBI should be coming back in the next few weeks.  Once we have all our clearances we turn in our personal answers to our history and set up a date to meet with our social worker.  Hopefully at that point they will have also received all of our personal references back already.  But we handed them out over a month ago, so we should be good there, I know.

I also found at Half Price Bookstore two books on adoption that I want to own: The Connected Child and 20 Things Adoptees Wish Their Parents Knew.  Sorry I didn't buy them from the WAGI Link to Amazon, but I cannot pass up a good deal.  I am very excited to have found them because I am out of renewals for the first one at the library and my library doesn't carry the second one.  Now to get off the computer and go read (or more likely hang out with family and eat).

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Peter and Abby said...

Well, Look at you with your cool blog! It looks like you've had a second identity for a while. Congrats - it's so cute!