Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Cider Farm

Some Cuteness
So this post will cause my currently 7th post to scroll into older posts, which is the last time I posted pictures, so today is some more pictures to make sure my off-springs' cuteness is always at the forefront of my 3 readers' minds. (If you are reader #4 please feel free to let me know!  I love comments!)

Again the focus will be Sunflower because she is home all day and I end up taking more pictures of her--it has nothing to do with her little girl toddler cuteness.  Two weeks ago we visited an Apple Cider Mill with our friends.  Sunflower and I had a great time; they fed us apple cider donuts, fresh apple cider, and gave all the kids a bag of food to feed the animals.  Sunflower had a great time feeding the animals, which surprised me a little given her extreme fear of cats.  However, apparently she likes birds and cows (the cows were not close the fence like the goats).  She fed the chickens and ducks and would have watched the cows for hours.  "Mama, cow, moo, eat, grass.  Eat. Grass!"

Sunflower with her Bag of Seed
Feeding the Birds

Look, Mama, Cows!  Moo!
Watching the Cows!

Still Watching the Cows!
The Merry-Go-Round brought out her Biggest Smiles!

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Steve & Sarabeth said...

Consider me a reader :) I need to know - where is this place? I've been wanting to go somewhere where we can make/buy fresh apple cider, just have no idea where one is. And that top picture is definitely frameworthy!