Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Language Learning

I have lots of profound thoughts swimming in my head to share with my 5 readers, but even though I had a great day at MOPS and a short nap in the afternoon, my head hurts, so I'll leave the profound for another day.

However, in the interest of documenting our adoption process, I thought I would share this story.

When we first started this process, we bought some Learn Mandarin CD's.  We didn't think it would be sufficient to actually learn it, but maybe, just maybe by listening to them we would pick up on a little and be more prepared to learn the language with our child when she is ready to learn one of the languages of her birth country.  (We have a LID of 8/15/2006). 

So my husband and I were sitting on the couch listening to the CD's when Huckleberry (now 10, then 6) came downstairs and asked what we were doing.

We explained.  He looked puzzled and said, "won't it be easier to teach her English than for all 4 (there are now 5) of us to learn Chinese?"

Ha!  If we can all learn Mandarin that would be terrific, but Yes, we will be teaching her English.

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Nancy said...

We STILL have folks ask us if it was tough to teach the babes English! They were 12 months old when we got them. Huckleberry seems to "get it" more than others!
Nancy-of the crazy 8