Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We Interupt Our Wait Whining

I know it is impolite to brag about our kids, but luckily that is what blogs are all about.  My Huckleberry is 11 almost 12 (really? 12!) and I am so proud of him.
Mom, really?
Last summer I worried and worried about where to send him to Middle School...after all my baby was not ready for the scary mean world of Middle School...and it was all for nothing (which is true for all worry as it cannot add a day to my life.)  He is thriving in Middle School.  Seriously thriving.
He is continuing in Spanish and learning to play the saxophone.  He has made a lot of friends and is liked by all his teachers.  He loves learning...and playing video games.
A program at the Science Museum a few weeks ago
He continue to participate in the after school Robotics program.  Currently they are building and programming a lego mindstorm robot for the underwater robotics competition in May.  This impresses me enough as it is (though I, too, wrote my first computer program in 6th grade...on a TI in BASIC; oh my, how old am I?) 

However, since robotics now only meets twice a week, he has joined another after school program.  The other two days a week he can choose different activities...they also provide snacks.  (No after school program on Fridays.)  There are lots of great choices and he's been in a few different ones--writing your own screen play and cooking with math to name a few.  

In January they said any student (with teacher supervision) could run their own program.  They would need to fill out an application, write a lesson plan, and find a teacher interested in supervising.  My baby boy did all that and a few weeks ago started leading his own little club on Thursday afternoons.

Destroy It!

It is a club where the students take apart old or broken electronics in order to see what is inside and how they work.  It is fantastic!  The school has funding so they go to goodwill and buy cheap/broken things, and I now don't have screwdrivers, magnets, wires, switches, springs, etc. floating all over my least not as often.
He wants to also hook things up and explore with electricity, but for now they are just taking things apart.  Maybe next year when he has more time to create some experiments.
Now he also usually does his chores without complaining, is sweet to his siblings, loves God, recently chose to be baptized, enjoys going to church, is funny, and is just an all around great kid.
I do really love this boy and...
back to our normal program... 
I cannot wait to go to China with him.


No Greater Love said...

Wow..that is seriously impressive that he started his own after school program. :) Yay Huckleberry!!!!!

I think our boys would get along very well. :)

Andrea Dawn said...

Your Huckleberry sounds like a truly delightful young man. I can see why you are proud of him. said...

Awww..he sounds like a great young man!! I love the sound of all those after school programs too. That is really special.
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