Thursday, February 23, 2012

Random Things that Make Me Happy

I could keep complaining about the wait but it isn't very helpful and actually pretty boring to others.  So how about some of the things that make me happy? Not that that will necessarily be more interesting, but it is more helpful to me.

Borrowing books from the library on the kindle is super cool!  Find a book, hit check-out, and like magic it is just there!  And no overdue three weeks it just disappears.  Now I probably shouldn't have chosen The Help as my first book or Choosing to See as my second book, except really sometimes it feels great to have a good cry.  Now I'm sticking to safe non-emotional mysteries.  Fake murder and mayhem never make me cry.

Speaking of books, yesterday in the mail I got 4 pictures books I'd ordered from my son's school fundraiser.  3 books I'd ordered because Tonggu Momma recommended them and D is for Dancing Dragon...a China alphabet book (there is a whole series of alphabet books set in various countries).  The rhyme part is not Dr. Seuss quality but it has lots of information on each page about China.  Since B is for Beijing Sunflower has been "traveling" to Beijing all day.  (If only!)  I told her you couldn't get there by car but she informed me her car can fly.

My woman's Bible Study started back up today to study the second half of Jeremiah.  I hope to keep up on the homework...but at minimum I'll learn a lot in class and study with my friends. 

We ordered a carseat for the baby.  I do not remember it being such a hard decision for any of the other kids.  Still it is pink!  Sunflower got SnapDragon's neutral gray seat so I've never had a girl-ee carseat.  It makes me happy!

Yesterday was MOPS and the speaker spoke on the 5 love languages of children.  I had SnapDragon take a quiz to find out his love language. I thought it would be words of encouragement, but the test says quality time.  So now he keeps coming up to me to say, "don't you want to do something with me?  You know it makes me feel loved!"  I did take him and Sunflower to the park today.  50 degrees and sunny is definitely a park day in my state.  I haven't looked at the pictures yet, but I had fun taking them--pictures and the kids--and they had fun running, running, and running.  I do NOT know how Sunflower can move that fast!

So many more things for which to be thankful.  One just how busy my next month will be...Dinner and Photoclub with friends tomorrow, dinner at my SIL Friday, Birthday Party Saturday, two great MOPS meetings planned in March, my Baby Shower planned by so many amazing friends, and our church's women's retreat just to name a few.  Oh, and Huckleberry is turning 12!  I AM blessed...if also a tiny bit stressed about travel approval.


Adrian Roberta said...

Oh Nora, you'll be there before you know it! I was listening to F on the F last night about the 'Love Languages'....very good!

No Greater Love said...

Oh, Cedar...I have ALWAYS wanted a pink car seat. That is just too exciting that you have one. :) What a great idea to list all the things you are thankful for. And I am impressed that you didn't have a super long wait to get The Help on your Kindle. Oh my goodness...if a book is good, you actually have to wait to borrow it...even on a Kindle. I think that is crazy. ;) I borrowed the, "Listening is an Act of Love" book recently... It was super good. seem to be holding up marvelously in this waiting time. :) I can't even imagine the adrenaline I'd be living off of if I were you. ;)

Yes...please come visit. You'd fly into Denver. We live an hour north of Denver. :P