Thursday, February 9, 2012

T'was a Happy Wednesday

I was glad yesterday when it was too rainy for pictures since Sunflower was dressed in blue pants with pink stars and a teal striped shirt.  Later she changed into a flowered sundress...

I would try to defend that we are good parents, we just believe 3 year olds should have independence in clothing choices (on some days) except apparently we are more lenient in our parenting than I thought.

SnapDragon typed me a note yesterday:

"Mommy you are great because you let me do things not evryone can do.

how great are our moms leting us do things not evryone can do.  thats why you are great Mommy."

I choose to take his meaning on encouraging him to do fun and safe adventures, but...

Well, at least one of our kids is still young enough for Mommy to choose the clothes...or in this case Ann at Red Thread in China.
Sweet Pea's package should arrive later this week in Yugan.  I'm glad our agency said it would be okay to send a small package.  She is too young for it to mean much to her right now, but it helps this waiting heart.
Especially since Ann sent us some updated pictures of Sweet Pea even though we did not request any.  Such a sweet, big, bundled baby.


No Greater Love said...

What a beautiful outfit, Cedar. I love it. How neat that you get to send a camera, too. I bet they'll take a picture of Sweet Pea in the outfit.

Yay.....soooo exciting.


Sarah said...

Ooooh, we used Ann at Red Thread, also. She was really wonderful. So cute.

Debbie Sauer said...

I love Ann. You should let her take you shopping. Looking forward to following along on your China journey. Blessings