Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Update!

Our agency allowed us to submit 10 questions they would send on to their rep in China, and we got the answers today.  Things like what do the Nannies call her, who is her favorite caregiver, and if she sleeps on her tummy or back.  

I didn't really care what the questions were or what the answers would be.  I just wanted more information about her so I could know her a little more.  Perhaps we'll have a chance to ask questions when we are there, too, but not everyone has that chance.   I wanted something from her current life for her to have in the future.

I feel so blessed to have these tidbits of information. 

They also sent new measurements, but I'm thinking her weight is with her many layers of clothes on.  That, as far as I can tell, is typical.  If not she is one roly-poly baby with a tiny head and feet.

No matter.  It just really confuses me when I'm at the store trying to buy some onesies.  I really shouldn't have done such a good job of purging Sunflower's baby clothes 3 years ago.  I don't know what I was thinking!

We also got our letter of I800 receipt.  It is dated January 25th, not the 27th when we got the text, so we may be closer to approval than I'd hoped.  That would be fantastic!  The question is do I put the 25th or 27th in my timeline?  I really should have paid attention to the rules about timelines sooner.


No Greater Love said...

Oh...but you didn't write the tidbits of information. :-) Now we're all dying of curiosity....

Nancy said...

There are rules about timeline??? Oh crap. I've been making it up all along.
Congrats on the new info!