Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

Somedays I refresh my blog just to see if we've made any progress.  I know it is ridiculous since IF we'd made progress I would know before my blog, but still I hit that refresh button knowing nothing would change.

That is how focused I can get on the waiting.

We did get our NVC PDF on Tuesday which in theory meant our agency sent our packet on to China Tuesday.  But the lady who does packets was out of the office, then the person who prints checks, then they didn't have a photo...

So today they over-nighted our package to their courier in China.  Since there is no drop-off on the US consulate on Mondays most likely our packet will be dropped off on Tuesday, Feb. 21st...only 5 days later than I was hoping when we got our NVC approved e-mail on Monday.

The Article 5 takes exactly two weeks from drop-off so most likely on March 6th we will start our TA wait.  That is only 6 1/2 weeks from referral.  Pretty good when you put it like that.

TA's come 1-4 weeks later.  Here's praying for the shorter end of that stick :)  Two weeks seems to be fairly average so is more probable.  

If TA came March 20th, well, then I'm on the plane March 21st.  We already have our VISAs.  (Usually one travels 2-3 weeks after TA so if one was to force oneself to be realistic and stop getting her hopes up we'll be on a plane April 10th...let's keep ignoring the pesky Trade Fair issues that I choose not to explain because it might make them real.)

Oh, and Sweet Pea received her package today.

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Adrian Roberta said...

Oh Nora, I know those final few weeks are SO hard. I am so happy for you guys (-: